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Confidentiality Policy for Teens:

(Some examples and guidelines)


Things I WON'T tell, unless you ask me to:


•Drug, cigarette, or alcohol experimentation. •Sex with someone close to your own age, if you're over 14. •Your sexual or gender orientation, experimentation, or curiosity. Stealing and shoplifting. Lying and sneaking around. Mild depression or thoughts of wishing you weren't here, as long as I'm sure you don't plan to actually hurt yourself. •Hating your parents. •Wanting to run away. •Scratching your skin and leaving shallow marks. Pregnancy. STI's that you are treating medically.


Telling these things I just listed above without your permission is, in my opinion, very wrong. It’s a betrayal of your trust and privacy in counseling. The law and counseling ethics, say your counseling is private. You need to know it's safe to talk about what's really going on in your life, when you come to see me. That being said, most of the stuff I listed above are things you will probably want to talk to an adult (besides me) about and get help, but we will do it in your time, by your choice, and only with your permission.


Things I HAVE to tell to keep everyone safe:


Child or dependent-adult—past or present—physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse or neglect. Any plan you tell me you have to really hurt someone else. Anything you plan to do, or are already doing, that might actually kill you. I'm talking about only the really dangerous stuff: like planning suicide; or if you're using drugs and alcohol to the point where you overdose or cannot stop without getting sick; or if you're blacking out and waking up not knowing what happened to you; or someone close to your own age has raped or abused you; or someone is really threatening and scaring you; or you're doing any cutting or carving or picking that is close to your veins—or likely to get infected; or you're trying to give yourself an abortion, without proper medical help; or you're not getting treatment for a serious infection or illness; or any serious eating disorder that is a real danger to your health. I've seen this stuff before, and trust me; if it's happening, then you need real help—more help than I can give you by myself.


Bottom line on confidentiality is: Life or death, serious, needs-adult-help-now type stuff will NOT stay between us. It isn't confidential. I'd be letting you down, if I kept that kind of thing a secret. I won't be quiet if you are in serious danger. I'll get help. I'll be careful to make sure that any help I get for you is safe, and not going to lead to you being hurt or abused. I want you to live and be safe and well and happy.


If you ever have a question about what stuff I have to tell and what stuff I will keep private, you can ask me for clarification. I will tell you the truth and let you decide what you want to share with me. I will also warn you before I tell anyone anything, so you can be prepared and we can talk about what is going to happen. I will also help you tell it, if you prefer to be the one to tell.

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