Kristin's Comfy Couch Family Counseling Kristin Perry, LMFT
Kristin's Comfy Couch Family CounselingKristin Perry, LMFT

Kristin's Counseling Philosophy

Tell Me Your Story!

Welcome! Experiencing suffering and wanting to be happy are two things we all have in common. I'd be honored to be a part of your journey.

All human beings, whatever their circumstances are welcome and wanted in my practice. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gendered teens and adults are cherished and celebrated in this office—as are those struggling with addiction—as are those diagnosed with a personality disorder or other mental illness—as are all ages, races, cultures, colors, classes, and creeds—every beautiful and worthwhile one of you. Come have a seat on my comfy couch and tell me about yourself.

If you've got a story, I want to hear it. Come in and be real with me. I will do my best to help you find a path to greater happiness. I look forward to knowing you!


Your life story is yours to create.

I offer a safe and comforting space, where people are encouraged to identify and connect with the best within themselves, and move forward in positive new directions. I take a strength based approach to helping my clients. I use evidence-based cognitive behavioral strategies and my style is kind and empathic. I listen well and pay very close attention to who you are and what you want, so I can help you achieve your dreams.

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 If you are a prospective, former or current client, and need to reach me, it is easier for me to respond to texts or emails and schedule phone contact:

(619) 368-9339



Emergency Information

Please call 911 


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Access and Crisis Line: 



The National Suicide Prevention Hotline


in the event of an Emergency.


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Kristin Perry, MFT


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Phone; 760-978-6071


To reach me, or schedule a time to talk, please text my cell phone number below, or e-mail me through the contact link or at the address below, it is sometimes difficult for me to talk on the phone, because I'm home with my very busy child much of the time:



Text 619-368-9339


Fax: 858-860-5299




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