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A Welcome Message for Teens:


If your life is making you crazy, you've come to the right place. Being a teenager sometimes feels as miserable as the guy in the picture above this paragraph looks—It feels like nothing fits right anymore. That's because you are changing so fast right now—it's hard for everyone to keep up.


What I’ve written in the parent section is to help your parent understand a little about how most teens feel. That's so they can see that you are a fairly normal person, and understand and help you better. Some of what I said might seem strange. It's counselor speak for how totally sick and freaked-out and mad you feel sometimes—how alone and invisible and just over-it. If most teens feel those things a lot of the time, you probably feel much worse—with the added stuff you're experiencing right now, that most teens just don't have to deal with.


Here's my bottom line: If you take a risk and try counseling with me, I really believe you will learn that you can trust me. I will not judge, criticize or lecture you—you can call me on it if you think I am. I will listen to you carefully and completely. I will do everything in my power to help you get as much happiness as possible out of life. I will help you work on fixing your relationships, and getting what you need and want, but are having trouble telling people.


I've helped a lot—I mean hundreds—of teenagers in this way.  I bend over backwards, listen with my whole heart, and stay up nights looking for ways to help the kids I see be happier. A lot of the kids I’ve helped still call to check-in when they're grown. To the best of my ability as a human being, and as a counselor, I will be here for you. I will be supportive. I will be someone you can trust and be real with, and I will always be real with you—even when things get really hard and confusing.


If you worry I will judge you, or that counseling will feel weird and awkward, try giving it a shot without making assumptions. Almost everybody who first tries counseling worries about that stuff. Usually, they find out talking to a counselor feels pretty normal and good. It's just like talking and hanging out with a friend, but without any worries about gossip, or what someone else thinks of you, and I have a little more experience than most of your friends, because of how many teens I’ve known and what I’ve learned from them.


My rule is: If you don't feel comfortable, we don't go there. I won't push. I won't judge. I will listen. I will be honest. I will keep what you tell me between us, (unless I am sure you or another vulnerable person has been abused and need help, or I'm convinced that if I don't speak up you or someone else is going to get badly hurt or die soon.) Here is more on my Teen Confidentiality policy. I will try to help you figure out what you want to do. I will always try to remember and respect that it is your life and your choice. Remind me, if I seem off track.


My office will not host any “gang-up-on-you” sessions. I know they don't work—they just make things worse. I will help make things better. You need a safe, calm supportive place to be. I will do my best to create a helpful, understanding, non-judgmental place for you—a place where someone sees and remembers the good in you—no matter what. There is always hope. Things can always get better, no matter how bad they seem. I will help you get your trust back, stop hurting, and find some happiness. Come in. See me. Try it. I think you’ll be glad you did!

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