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Want a Better Relationship?


A happy and fulfilled partnership can seem tricky. It doesn't have to be, once you know the right skills to build happiness and satisfaction in your relationship.

Sometimes, something happens that knocks a couple's relationship off track. The problem often starts with a stressful situation like: moving, changing jobs, planning a wedding, a new baby, a child acting out, or illness in the family.


When people are stressed, it’s easy for them to fall into conflict and begin fighting. I can help unite you again and problem-solve ways to sort through the stress.


Sometimes a relationship is facing a very serious crisis like: infidelity, alcohol or drug abuse, or serious fighting and anger problems (including domestic violence.) I can help you weigh your options and find solutions, proper treatment and balance.


Sometimes, I know that even when a couple is not dealing with any significant problems, routine and boredom can lead to dissatisfaction and tension between partners. Sometimes, couples need to rediscover each other and fall in love again.


Sometimes, there are tools which one or both partner(s) didn't learn from their relationship role-models. Once these skills are learned, many couples experience a life-changing and empowering transformation.


I would be glad to support you and help you improve any difficult, and not so difficult, challenges your relationship might be facing.


I provide a safe and non-judgmental environment in which both people can comfortably express themselves and be better understood. I use my best wisdom, humor, and kindness to help make couple’s counseling a lighthearted and helpful experience that enhances the lives and happiness of the couples I serve. I give you honest, direct, and practical feedback on ways you can start improving things in your relationship right away.


Who can be helped by couple’s counseling?


•Loving couples wanting to enhance their relationship. •Dissatisfied couples wanting to improve their relationship. •Engaged couples planning a wedding and looking for insight into healthy relationships. •Couples considering separation or divorce. •Couples wanting to save a marriage. •I am comfortable, and have experience working with, the LGBT community and same sex couples. •I help married or unmarried life partners seeking enhanced connection. •I am also comfortable treating separated or divorced couples seeking to co-parent more effectively. A civil relationship is required. •Couple’s counseling also indirectly benefits the children of couples who need to learn better ways to communicate. It allows parents to create a more peaceful and harmonious home and be more united in their parenting. •Last but not least, YOU can be helped in couple’s counseling!


Being happy in your romantic life is a key factor to having happiness in the rest of your life.


I focus on the following areas in couple’s counseling:

•Marriage issues •Premarital consultation •Divorce without destruction• Positive parental communication •Improving couple’s communication •Enhancing and increasing positive relationship experiences •Intimacy issues & sexual dysfunction—Reconnecting sexually •Relationship problems--including infidelity •Family Stress


Let's build more happiness in your relationship!


**(In domestic violence situations, I require separate individual counseling for each partner first. This is the best way to keep everyone safe and get the best counseling outcome.)**

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