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Are you experiencing problems in your relationship? Do you feel angry and scared about trouble with your teen? Is substance abuse damaging your family? Is your teen being self-destructive: eating disorder, cutting, lying, drugs, or plummeting grades? Is depression, anxiety, or a major life transition leaving you feeling unhappy, lost or confused? Going through a divorce? Fighting constantly with your child, partner or teen? Did the pandemic or news create lingering trauma or anxiety for you, your partner or your child? Facing a big decision and not sure what comes next? Do you wake up sad, tired, worried, or numb and want a better beginning for yourself and your family? Do you wish there was a better way? Would you like some help?


You’ve come to the right place. Things can and will get better. I can help. I’ve worked in the counseling field for many years. I’ve been well trained in practical solution-focused techniques that offer real results fast. If you’re motivated and willing to do the work and use the tools, therapy can give you a boost to move forward in your life. With the right assistance, you can and will get past any obstacles that have you feeling stuck. There’s hope.


I offer useful, sensible, evidence-based therapy techniques that will help you rapidly build the skills you need to make the changes you want for your family and relationships. My office is a safe, fun, and comforting space where you can get the help you need, without feeling criticized.  I am kind, non-critical, and an excellent listener.


I offer life-changing counseling and communication tools, at reasonable rates.  I don't like having to guess when I'm considering purchasing a service, so my rates are clearly listed here on the first page, for you to consider. I charge $150 for an initial session, which lasts 90-120 minutes: $100 per 60 minute session.  If you call around and comparison shop, you'll find it's a fair and reasonable rate that's a bit lower than many, because I do not accept insurance. I can give you receipts to submit to your PPO insurance plan, for reimbursement, or to apply toward your out of network deductible.


Please see the left hand side menu, (top screen menu, if you're on your phone) or sitemap for more details about the various forms of counseling I provide, and for more information about my methods and counseling philosophy. There's a lot of information on my site that's easy to miss, if you're looking at it from your phone or mobile device.


Life is a journey, I can keep you company on that journey, and offer great tips and tricks for the rough patches. I look forward to getting to know you better on our travels together!


Don’t waste another minute of your beautiful life feeling sad, mad, scared, or lost. Do something about it. I’ll help. Take the first step to feeling better!


Kristin L. Perry, MA, MFT


License #48092

Kristin Perry, LMFT

Kristin Perry, MFT Carlsbad Therapist Kristin's Comfy Couch Family Counseling


Successful therapy requires kindness, compassion, experience  and excellent training. I specialize in growing healthy relationships through individual counseling, adolescent counseling, child counseling and couples counseling.

I offer the highest level of competence and understanding in these areas. Find out more about my counseling services.

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 If you are a prospective, former or current client, and need to reach me, it is easier for me to respond to texts or emails and schedule phone contact:

(619) 368-9339



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Please call 911 


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The National Suicide Prevention Hotline


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Phone; 760-978-6071


To reach me, or schedule a time to talk, please text my cell phone number below, or e-mail me through the contact link or at the address below, it is sometimes difficult for me to talk on the phone, because I'm home with my very busy child much of the time:



Text 619-368-9339


Fax: 858-860-5299




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